Movement has become the core of my work: my practice stems from the light textile materials that I use for their ability to visualise the dance of the air. Large in situ installations allow me to stage a conceptual and poetic space, embodied by the powers of nature: the wind, running water, the race of the sun… ​

Wherever it is possible, in order to create random dynamics rather than mechanical repetitive effects, I rely on the wind and gravity as combined sculpting forces, so the installation will constantly change along with the weather conditions.

Using optical, kinetic and sound effects, with dimensions matching the scale of the landscape or surrounding architecture, I favor a strong visual impact. Like nature multiplying individuals of the same species, repeating a very simple element allows me to create vast volumes for the viewers to immerse themselves in, surrounded by fields of visual and sound vibrations.

Whether in a natural or urban open environment, the history and topography of each location trigger ideas for a meaningful relationship between the installation and its setting.

The preparatory conceptual work and technical experimentation, the journeys and the discovery of new territories, the teamwork required to achieve the larger scale installations, the exchanges with viewers and other artists, all weave memory and exploratory links around and beyond the artwork itself, that will contribute to future projects. It is this adventure as a whole that drives my work.